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JMP Studios and the Bruhm Universe

JMP Studios combines the dynamic worlds of gaming and blockchain technology, introducing an immersive gaming experience within the Bruhm Universe.

Rooted in fantasy and adventure, our games transport players to realms filled with magic, monsters, and untold treasures.

Ancients Temple

Web3 Gaming Studio

The first incubation client of CEDEN, Web3-native game studio, JMP Studios is creating the world of Bruhm as a canvas for future titles to take place in. JMP is building high quality, fun Web3 games that enable users to fully own their assets and earn $JMP tokens through play utilizing blockchain technology.


$JMP Token

A digital currency that fuels interactions within our gaming ecosystem, facilitating transactions, rewarding engagement, and fostering a vibrant community of players.


Charred Lords

Charred Lords play an integral part in the Bruhm Universe ecosystem. A total of 11011 Charred Lords will be released. Each Lord boasts a unique set of attributes that determine its features, functions, and in-game benefits.

$JMP Token

The $JMP Token serves as the cornerstone of our gaming ecosystem, providing players with a means to participate in and enhance their gaming experience. As a utility token, $JMP facilitates in-game transactions, unlocks exclusive content, and rewards player engagement. By integrating blockchain technology, we ensure transparency, security, and decentralization, empowering players to truly own their gaming assets and participate in a vibrant digital economy.

Token Distribution

Read more details in our whitepaper.

Utility within the Gaming Ecosystem

Upgrading and Combining NFT cards

The $JMP Token plays a crucial role in the enhancement and customization of NFT cards within our gaming ecosystem. Through the use of $JMP Tokens, players can unlock the ability to upgrade and combine their NFT cards, thereby increasing their rarity, earning-rate, and value. This feature allows players to strategically improve their card collections, creating unique and formidable assets that can be utilized in gameplay, traded, or showcased within the community.

Discounts on Card Packs and Exclusive NFT Items

$JMP Tokens provide players with access to exclusive discounts on card packs and coveted NFT items available within the game's storefront. By utilizing $JMP Tokens for purchases, players can enjoy significant savings and gain access to limited-edition NFTs, special bundles, and premium content not available through traditional payment methods. These discounts incentivize token usage and encourage active participation within the gaming ecosystem, fostering a thriving marketplace for NFTs and in-game assets.

In-Game Currency Conversion

In addition to serving as a medium for purchasing and trading NFTs and in-game items, $JMP Tokens can also be converted into in-game currency, providing players with flexibility and convenience in managing their virtual wealth. Through a seamless conversion process, players can exchange $JMP Tokens for in-game currency at a discounted rate, allowing them to unlock additional gameplay features, customize their characters, or acquire valuable resources to progress in their adventures. This feature enhances the utility of $JMP Tokens within the gaming ecosystem, empowering players to make strategic decisions that align with their gaming objectives and preferences.

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Each Lord boasts a unique set of attributes that determine its features, functions, and in-game benefits. These include a range of potent in-game abilities. Furthermore, rarity classes categorize the Lords, with tiers ranging from Common to the coveted Legendary. As the rarity ascends, so do the associated benefits, making Legendary Lords the most powerful and sought-after Charred Lords within the Bruhm Universe.

Explore the Traits

Bountiful rewards

Initial Airdrop

If you hold Charred Lords, upon joining the Bruhm Universe, you'll receive a substantial token airdrop as a welcome bonus. These airdrops will depend upon the rarity as well as the amount of Charred Lords you are holding.

Monthly Airdrops

Every month, a set amount of $JMP tokens based on the rarity of your Charred Lords plus a portion of the store transactions are distributed among Charred Lord holders, providing a steady stream of income.

Exclusive Card Packs

With each new card collection released, Charred Lords will receive a dedicated allocation of card packs, giving them an edge in the game.

More benefits for future titles


Secret Society

Outer Circle (15+ Lords)

• Receive 5 bonus packs each collection release
• $JMP bonus airdrop
∙ Initial airdrop: 10k $JMP
∙ Monthly: 2k $JMP
• Special giveaways and bonuses/alpha

Inner Circle (50+ Lords)

• Receive 20 bonus packs
• $JMP bonus airdrop
∙ Initial airdrop: 40k $JMP
∙ Monthly: 8k $JMP
• Special giveaways and bonuses/alpha

Headmasters (100+ Lords or 1/1)

• Receive 50 bonus packs
• $JMP bonus airdrop
∙ Initial airdrop: 100k $JMP
∙ Monthly: 15k $JMP
• Special giveaways and bonuses/alpha

Special giveaways and bonuses/alpha in Secret Society Channels on Discord


Mint details


Total supply


Mint price public


Mint price whitelist


Total rarity/classes


1 out of 1s

Announcement Table

$JMP Token

    $JMP Circulating Supply: 2.2BN $JMP Total Supply: 10BN
Token Price at Launch $0.005 $JMP Circulating Supply Market Cap: $11M $JMP Fully Diluted Market Cap: $50M

Charred Lords NFT mints

Total Charred Lords 11.011        
Total Whitelist Spots 10.000 Total Non-Guaranteed WL Spots: 8.900 Total Guaranteed WL Spots: 1.100

Airdrop and Whitelist

  $JMP tokens airdropped per NFT Total $JMP airdropped to community WL Allocations
Charred Lords based on rarity, coming soon 825m -
Giveaway Winners (per allocation) 25k 25m 500 guaranteed
CEDEN Create Pass 45k 150m 1 per CP; fcfs not-guaranteed
CEDEN Keystone Nodes (Beavers) will mine 0.3% sales tax - 1 per Beaver; fcfs not-guaranteed
Kanpai Pandas 26k 260m 1 per Panda; fcfs not-guaranteed
Infinity Pandas 40k 10m 1 per Infinity Panda; fcfs not-guaranteed
Raini Community tba 170m 1 per Legendary/Mythic; fcfs not-guaranteed
Rocket Monsters 4k 80m 1 per RM; fcfs not-guaranteed
Plooshies 36k 120m 1 per Plooshy; fcfs not-guaranteed
Funkari 40k 8m 100 guaranteed
Pudgy Penguins 26k 260m 1 per Pudgy; fcfs not-guaranteed
Zokus 42k 160m 1 per Zoku; fcfs not-guaranteed
other communities/colabs tbd 32m 500 guaranteed

Read more details in our whitepaper.



Incubated by CEDEN

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Ready for a deep dive into the captivating world of JMP Studios and explore the Bruhm Universe? Unlock all the secrets and rewards waiting for you by reading our extensive whitepaper.



Charred Lords Mint




TGE + Airdrop of the $JMP Token


Start of the monthly airdrops to Charred Lords Holders


1st Collection Drop


Card Upgrading + C&E start for cards


Hidden Combinations


Alpha with P&E event + 2nd Collection


Beta with first P&E events and new gamemodes


3rd collection


Full release and start of P&E


Deck Renting


Seamless web3 integration for web2 players via the Sphere in-game marketplace (custodial wallets and game-asset marketplace)


Mobile release, new gamemodes, new titles, manga and other media in the Bruhm Universe, merchandise etc

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JMP Studios

JMP Studios represents a dedicated team of developers, artists, and storytellers committed to crafting compelling gaming experiences. Anchored in the rich lore of the Bruhm Universe, our games offer players an opportunity to immerse themselves in captivating narratives and exciting gameplay mechanics. From epic quests to strategic battles, each title within the Bruhm Universe promises adventure and excitement, inviting players to embark on unforgettable journeys.